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I'm a goal setter, and a devotee of continuous improvement. Not a bad way to run your life generally, but the downside is that you are always assessing what you've done. So instead of reveling in my victories, I am plotting my next improvement.

Having said all that, my single biggest accomplishment is my daughter. She is truly a special being. If I leave this world with only that on my ledger, I will have done my part to make the world a better place.

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If you need another answer--something I've written, a project I made happen, a person I helped, I would say I do those regularly, and hope I improve each time. My greatest accomplishment through that lens is always yet to come.

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Because I continue to improve.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Excellent sentiments. Like you, I hope to leave the world a bit better for having passed through it.
  2. When I first sat down to write my post, my 1st thought was of my oldest son. Like all mothers, we never see the results of our hard work until our children mature.
  3. Being optimistic rarely has its disadvantages, so I envy you that trait! I, too, keep looking forward and plodding ahead despite the bumps and jostles along the way, just never feel as if I'm as calm and collected about it as you seem to be! lol -- thanks for sharing!

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