Wicked Witch of the West #AtoZChallenge

Straight from Frank Baum's wonderful world of Oz, the wicked witch of the west has been one of our most enduring villains.

Credit: Probanners

With her flying monkeys, poisoned poppies, and army of straight-faced winkies, she was determined to rule the world in high fashion, once she got the ruby slippers from Dorothy and crew.

And yet, she fascinated us so much, we took another look.  The novel, Wicked, offered us a different view of what happened, one where Elphaba moves from antagonist to protagonist. And if you haven't read it or seen the play (they are quite different) I can tell you all those 'evil' deeds didn't seem quite as evil seen through other eyes.

Villains, some are real.  Some, perhaps, are just perspective.

What do you think?

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5 Responses

  1. The movie version of the Wicked Witch of the West scared me to death as a child. I did read Wicked, but it was so many years ago, the details are lost. Would love to see the musical version someday. <a href="http://www.tamaranarayan.com/2017/04/w-is-for-watergate-scandal.html" rel="nofollow">W is for the Watergate Scandal</a>
    • Shari E
      The movie scared me too as a child. The musical is different from the book in key ways but still worth seeing.
  2. Sometimes it really is all about perspective. I haven't read or seen Wicked, but I hear that I'm missing out. ;-)
    • Shari E
      The book and the show are different, but both are worth it. It reminds us that it is about perspective. Change the way you look at the world, then what is bad and good shift too.
  3. When I was a child, The Wizard of Oz movie and the Wicked Witch's evil doings scared me more than anything other than The Thing. The flying monkeys were absolutely terrifying. I did love the musical Wicked though. Good point about changing perspective.

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