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Who is my ideal hero?  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  Wolverine or Logan from the X-men.  Why?  Look at him.  Well, that's not the only reason.

Great heroes, to me, are damaged, often in need of redemption.  They carry baggage, because heroes get beyond themselves, their scars and their limitation.  And when they do, they love with a ferocity and depth that only those who have seen the worst in life seem capable of.   They understand the true gift that love is, and don't expect it for themselves. When it comes, it consumes them.

They fight for others, usually the vulnerable, but know the cost of their actions. Perhaps to well because they carry the pain. Being a hero comes with a price.  With Wolverine, he feels its physical pinch every time those claws release.

Being a hero can be a such a lonely thing.  Wolverine carries the loneliness on his face, in his lifestyle, carried in his anger. You feel him in every step he takes.

What's your idea of a hero?





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  1. Iron Man and Captain America here, but with Loki in the bad boy category. I don't mind brooding or tortured soul, but I do mind when it gets in the way of his having a life, if that makes any sense. You are right, though, when they finally do let go, they tend to be the most intense and devoted of lovers, so there is that! Thanks for sharing!
    • Shari E
      Its the devotion that gets me everytime.
  2. I love your emphasis on the hero's wound. An alpha male in need of healing can be an incredibly appealing character.
    • Shari E
      I think it works for heroines as well. I like people either getting a second chance, or ultimately finding their way through the dark.

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