Ymir Started it All #AtoZChallenge

Like Loki, Ymir is a Marvel villain and a more nuanced figure in Norse mythology.

Art: Franz Froelich

He's a frost giant, and not well liked by the Norse gods.  Odin and his brothers kill him, and from Ymir's body, blood and bones, the earth and heavens are created. He's not really  a villain in mythology, but Marvel uses him in that way anyway.

In the comic book verse, he fights the Avengers and Dr. Strange.  He's not a particularly exciting villain--he's just big, and cold and strong. But I promised myself I'd complete the A to Z challenge and he was the only villain I could find with a Y. As you can probably tell, I'm not really into him.  A Y is a Y. Kinda, sorta.

Any Y's out there you can think of that would have made a better Y post?

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