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The theme this week is my writing space. That's easy. I don't have one.  Holding a full-time, high demand job while single parenting a teen-ager and two pets, writing is something I have sneak into small crevices in my life. For my writing to advance, I've learnt to write where I am.

While you can most often find me on the couch with my laptop on my lap, and feet on the coffee table, I write as often on the metro on the way to work, juggling legs and elbows with whoever is sitting next me;  the kitchen table while dinner is in the oven; in a plastic chair stuffed in the corner of the Guitar Center where my daughter took music lessons; at a coffee shop; on an airplane, and the list goes on and on.

Have backpack, so I can write anywhere.

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  1. For years I wrote wherever I could; sprawled across the bed, at a desk, in the break room of wherever I happened to work....I was thrilled after I married and bought our 1st home; I could have a home office! That lasted until my 'caboose' showed up and had to turn it into a nursery instead, lol! Our 2nd home, I wrote at the kitchen table, and now, my desk is in the dining room. I've also written some of my best work in coffee shops.
  2. Sometimes you have to get your writing in when and where you can. I write on the go sometimes while waiting at my youngest son's Tae Kwon Do class or on my phone when it's a slow night at work.
  3. Even though I have an 'office' (more of a doorless nook, really) I do some of my most productive work 'on the go.' For example, the local public library; I love writing there. When flying to visit family, I don't mind layovers of a few hours, because I'll sit there and write.
  4. A writer must write, so we always find a way no matter where we are at. It's good to be flexible. :)
  5. I admire your commitment--writing while working full time and single-parenting! That is wonderful!
  6. It takes a lot of commitment writing at work. I used to write at my desk at work on breaks and lunch. Also at the ballpark when I picked up my son and years later when I picked up my grandsons.
  7. I try to write at work on my lunch break, but that often doesn't work out too well. Maybe in my car during lunch? Good for you that you can write through the distractions - gotta do what you've gotta do!

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