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I have to choose five places I would love to travel. I've got my bag, my passport, a couple of credit cards, and here is where I'd love to go.

Kyoto, a city known for its shrines, its peace and its beauty.  And a side trip to Tokyo and other places in Japan.


Scottish Highlands and Islands, for a big dose of gaelic culture, men in kilts and to see the aurora borealis.  Maybe take in the Highlands games.


A cruise to Alaska, because that seems like a great way to get there. And maybe I'll get another glimpse of the aurora once I make it there, although I'm likely to cruise in the summer, when the days never end.

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Jerusalem, the holy center of the three largest religions, and an unique point to understand history.


A safari in Africa to see the animals in their natural habitat.

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Which one would you join me on?




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  1. Sherry Lewis
    Great list! It's gong to be hard to get my feet back on the ground after all this vicarious traveling :)
    • Shari E
      Too right. I keep wondering over to Expedia looking at prices.
  2. interesting list. Can I come? I'll need a steamer trunk, I'm too big for a suitcase. :}
    • Shari E
      Absolutely. The more the merrier. Maybe we can buy clothes as we go. Might be more fun.
  3. We have some destinations in common, Shari! How could I forget about those northern lights!
    • Shari E
      There are so many places where its possible to see the aurora, but they need to be worth going to, because the aurora is never guaranteed.
  4. I'd love to accompany you on all five travel destinations!
    • Shari E
      Lets start planning. The more the merrier.
  5. Funny I got a call today from a telemarketer saying I'd won a trip to Cape Town South Africa. Never thought about visiting, but since some sketchy company is giving me an all expenses paid trip, why not. LOL Going on safari would be an exciting experience so it's something to add to the list for sure. Cruises scare me, but I do have Alaska on my list as well.
    • Shari E
      Its funny what we get offered by phone of late. I figured a cruise up the coast to Alaska during the summer should be pretty tame.
  6. The Aurora and Scotland are on my lists, too, and I love Alaska, though I'm sorry to say the cruises end in September and I'm pretty sure the Aurora Borealis doesn't appear until Oct. at the earliest. :-( The photo of Kyoto is simply gorgeous!
    • Shari E
      I know the Alaska cruises are about Alaska not the aurora. Too bad about that. As for the photos, thanks goodness for istock. I love adding visuals.
  7. Re: the aurora, if you're lucky there could be a solar flare that gives you a peek at it regardless of season.
    • Shari E
      Very true, but seeing the aurora is on the bucket list.
  8. Great post! We'd be together in Scotland and Alaska at least! Japan didn't make my list, but it IS a want-to-go destination for me.
    • Shari E
      Be glad to see you. The problem is having to choose 5. There are so many more than 5. :)

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