Putting Myself in My Characters #IWSG #Writing

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to the Insecure Writer's Support Group, which has a monthly blog hop on everything related to writing.   This month we are discussing if we've ever slipped our own personal information into our character.

Of course, I do. In fact, I do this quite purposely.  In each of my heroines, I insert one of my most problematic or 'interesting' character traits or tics.  I want to see how it plays it out in different scenarios--how it creates barriers to my character's advancement or unexpected opportunities.

Its a selfish approach to writing, I will confess, because it helps me understand myself better, and gives my greater empathy for others as I see my weaknesses play out on the page. It also allows me to  get into my own head and tap into complex emotional-psychological dynamics of the character because I can access my own.

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