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Welcome to Marketing for Romance Authors 52 week blog hop challenge.  Each week, a lovely group of romance authors blog on a common theme. Visit them all here to read their advice to new authors.

Before I begin, I want to start off by wishing everyone a happy holiday season.

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Since writing is a very personal process, in the end we all have to find our own way.  If you have been following along with this blog hop throughout the year,  you can see how different we all are.  We need different spaces, different incentives,  different time frames.  Here is a collection of thoughts that helps me.  Try out what seems reasonable, see what works for you.  If something works, great. If not, try something else.

  1. Persist. Its a long game. With each book or story you grow as a writer. Its all good.
  2. Its one word at a time. Just keep going.
  3. Find your way, trust your process.  How you write will be as unique as what you write. That's how it should be.  If you hate word counts or love them, write short or long, write at night or in the morning, need music or quiet or chaos to write--whatever it is, own it.
  4. Don't take it personally.  If you write the greatest book ever written, someone won't like and will tell you so, and maybe not nicely. Or it may not sell. Markets are volatile.
  5. Get over it. It can be frustrating when you read books that sell well that are poorly written, and you know your books are actually better.  Best selling does not always equals good writing.
  6. Good luck and keep going.

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8 Responses

  1. great advice.
  2. Very good advice!
  3. Very good advice:)
  4. "If you write the greatest book ever written, someone won't like and will tell you so, and maybe not nicely" Great advice. Gotta have thick skin in thus business.
  5. Your comment about how someone won't like even a great book and will tell you so is demonstrably true. Just go to Amazon and look at the reviews for some of the all-time great books. They all have their detractors.
  6. You're so right that well-written doesn't equate to best-selling. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time trumps everything else. Good post.
  7. Wow, these are all excellent points. Number three: Yes, this, too! Happy Holidays to you and your family.
  8. Very true advice. We all do things our way and that needs to be how we handle our journey instead trying to compare ourselves to others.

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