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My first love was in college.  It was also my first heart break. My memories are bittersweet.  He was, however, responsible for the single most romantic moment in my life.

It was start of our relationships and we could not spend our first winter holiday together. My grandmother had arranged to take my sister and me to Mexico for a special trip over Christmas break, arriving back home on December 30.  When we returned home from the airport, we had to park the car in the street. On the driveway sat a giant box. When we walked up to, we saw it was addressed to me.  I opened it, and my boyfriend jumped out.  He had driven to our house from another state and packed himself in the box to surprise me.  He didn’t want us to be separated for our first New Year’s eve together.  It was an amazing gesture, and I feel extremely grateful someone would have done that for me.

What was one of your most romantic moments?

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  1. I'm glad for his sake your plane wasn't delayed for several hours!
  2. OMG, how sweet! What an amazing gift. Thanks for sharing!
    • Shari E
      Its a great story and it was a great gift.
  3. Oh, what a sweet moment. Thanks for sharing. Love the picture.
    • Shari E
      Thanks, Mary.
  4. OMG Shari! That was super sweet!
    • Shari E
      I know. It's one of my favorite young memories.

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