Living the Dream, Almost #MFRWauthor #amwriting

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My dreams are simple ones. 

I want to love and be loved.

I want to write. (Ultimately full-time, I can't do it yet).

Credit: Fly_dragonfly

I want to see my child grow and scale mountains.

I want to explore.

What about you?



16 Responses

  1. Love it, Shari!
    • Shari E
      Thanks, Alina.
  2. Keeping it simple. :) Works and I hope you are able to attain each of them.
    • Shari E
      Simplicity is definitely needed. I'm always searching for it, never quite finding it.
  3. Love the way you did your post, Shari, with simple text and lots of pretty graphics.
    • Shari E
      Thanks, Linda. I like doing this periodically. I may be writer, but sometimes the picture nails it.
  4. Beautiful dreams! I hope you attain them all. :)
    • Shari E
      Thanks, Maureen.
  5. I love your post!
    • Shari E
      Thanks, Alicia.
  6. We're kindred spirits, Shari -- I agree with everything you said. That's not surprising, given that you're a writer and writers are very definitely my 'tribe'. Here are <a href="" / rel="nofollow">my dreams</a>.
    • Shari E
      Writers are definitely part of the same tribe, or maybe tribes. Do genres get their own tribal identity?
  7. The graphics are perfect. I hope all your dreams come true!
    • Shari E
      Thanks, Robin. The graphics made it fun.
  8. Nothing wrong with those dreams! Remember what Casey Kasem said...."Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!"
    • Shari E
      Feet on ground, arms reaching high. Definitely the best way to go.

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