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Welcome to Marketing for Romance Authors 52 week blog hop challenge.  Each week, a lovely group of romance authors blog on a common theme. Visit them all here sharing the five things on their bucket list. Here is mine. They are, in truth, more goals than wild desires, but that's just how I roll.

A Book on a Bookstore Bookshelf

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While I have published numerous ebooks, and have articles in journals and a non-fiction book, I do not have a fiction book, published by a publishing house, in hard copy and on a bookstore bookshelf.

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To be a panelist on a TV news/talk show

I want to be on the stage, in a chair, talking to the host (as opposed to being randomly

interviewed on the street by a roving reporter looking for opinions on the neighborhood parking challenges).  I love to think on my feet, and I think that would be the ultimate challenge.


Live in the water

I want to spend some time (a couple months) actually living on a houseboat, a boat, one of those houses on stilts, or floating homes.  The water isn't something you see from a distance like a standard beach house but is something you step in when walk out the front door.

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Live in Venice

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I know you see the theme here, but this is a bit different than my third choice. I don't just love the canals, and the fact that taxis are boats, but  I adore the narrow alleys, the variations of bridges, and buildings that ooze history on every brick.  The pasta, gelato, espresso and wine don't hurt either.

Get Married

I'm a bit of an anomaly in that I've never married. I don't really know why, although I'm surprised how many people who don't me  are always willing to tell me why (don't get me started on that).  I probably should have put it first, but I find this hard to discuss, so it ended up here.  At least I've put it out there.

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Thanks for dropping by.

18 Responses

  1. interesting list. especially living on the water. There is something special about it.
    • Shari E
      Thanks for stopping by. The water definitely has its allure.
  2. When I was 1st pubbed, I imagined being on all the morning talk shows....and thought I'd have to take my BFF with me; we'd have a two-way radio, so I could feed her the answers. I was too chicken to be on camera!
    • Shari E
      The camera makes me nervous too, but i like the answering questions part.
  3. I think living on the water would be amazing. I've spent a couple of nights on a boat, and the rhythm of the water rocking me to sleep, the sound of it against the boat, was one of the most soothing things I've ever experienced. Of course, living means more than sleeping, so I might not get much accomplished if I ever tried it. I hope you can. I think it would be great.
    • Shari E
      I think I only want to do it for awhile, to have done it, not settle in permanently.
  4. Hope you have (or find) a good partner for that last goal! Good list, Shari.
    • Shari E
      Thanks, Alina. I wish it too.
  5. For a little while there, I was wondering if you'd seen The Little Mermaid once too often, but then the last few items had nothing to do with water. Unless, of course, you yearn to be married at sea by a ship's captain.
    • Shari E
      Married at sea by a sea captain does have its allure. I'll incubate on that for awhile and see if I want to add it to my list.
  6. Oooo, living on a houseboat would be fun! I hope you get to do everything on your list!
    • Shari E
      Thanks and thanks for visiting. Just some would be great.
  7. I enjoyed your list!
    • Shari E
      Thanks for dropping by.
  8. Living in Venice has always been my idea of a dream vacation. Living on a houseboat would be fun for a summer or longer. I hope you meet all your goals one day.
    • Shari E
      Thanks, Mary. Wishing the same for you.
  9. Living in the water sounds cool. In theory. My fear of drowning probably makes this a hard no, but water is beautiful and peaceful. I too, would love to have at least one of my books in a bookstore somewhere. Maybe one day.
    • Shari E
      Maybe one day. Fingers and toes crossed for both of us.

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