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Shifter Trials (Shifting Alliances #1)

Shifter Trials is a paranormal romance published by Evernight Publishing. In this modern version of the Atalanta myth, shifters compete to marry the female alpha. It is book one of the Shifting Alliance Series. Blurb On the night of the full moon, any male shifter can call the Trials to race against Talia Orion. Talia…

Unnatural Allies (Shifting Alliances #2)

Unnatural Allies picks up where Shifter Trials ends. It is book 2 in my evolving new paranormal romance series, Shifting Alliances.  Coming in April from Evernight Publishing. A World in Transition Violent fae encroachment on shifter land is heating up. With death tolls rising, the impossible becomes necessary – an alliance among predator and prey shifters. An…